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Salomon (STER)

Breed: Friesian
Gender STER Stallion
Age: 12 yrs
Height: 16.3(1,69m)
Color: Jet Black
Training level: 3rd/4th level dressage

Salomon is an impressive Ster stallion with lots of beautiful hair!

He has been trained through 3rd/4th level dressage and can be shown competitively. As a Ster stallion he shows big movement!
His enormous amount of hair make him equally suitable as an exhibition stallion - a job he has also done before....
An impressive & athletic Friesian Ster stallion with correct training moving in perfect balance.


Rolando (SOLD)

Breed: Friesian
Gender Stallion
Age: 3 yrs
Height: 17.1 hds (1,73m)
Color: Jet Black
Training level: Ridden

Rolando is a top quality young Friesian stallion (Felle X Nanno)

with the enormous height of 1,73m (17.1 hds) at only age 3.
He should mature around 17.3 hds (app. 1,75m)
Rolando shows an impressive pedigree: His damline is: Ster. Ster+Pref.5,Ster+Pref.6,
Model - It does not get more prestigious!
He is already broke to ride and going nicely under saddle


Tabor (SOLD)

Breed: Friesian
Gender: Gelding
Age 10 yrs
Height: 17.3 hds
Color Black
Training level: 2nd level dressage & trick trained

Tabor is the epitome of the majestic Friesian!

With his stunning height of 17.3 hds and his astounding amount of flowing hair he is
a true show stopper easily surpassing the stallion Frederick the Great’s popularity: Tabor is taller and also shows top performance!
He has placed in the ribbons against German Warmbloods in Germany app. 50times! He is also trick trained and bows, lays down and goes Spanish walk.
Tabe has a heart of gold as it is characteristic for the Friesian breed. He has even carried an 11 yr old child to his Bronze Youth Medal.
He is safe out on trails for adults and children to ride. A “once in a lifetime” Friesan for a discriminate buyer!
Tabor is sold with a full set of clean x-rays.